Adelfi Group

Site SelectionAdelfi Group will eliminate the labor-intensive, time-consuming task of locating, evaluating and contracting with hotels.

Here is what our clients can expect from Adelfi Group:
Needs Assessment. Adelfi discusses and review your specific needs and creates a request for proposal based on your unique requirements.
Solicitation, Evaluation & Analysis. Adelif solicits proposals and evaluates each one carefully. We provide comprehensive spreadsheets detailing rates, benefits, amenities, location, etc. and we arrange and coordinate the site inspections of the potential properties.
Recommendation & Negotiation. Based on your needs and the available proposals, Adelfi Group offers recommendations and assists in the negation process to ensure the best possible terms & rates are achieved.
Management. Once the contract is signed, Adelfi Group remains as your liaison with the hotel and is available to manage any problems and/or complaints that may arise (from the crew and the hotel) during the term of the agreement.
Ultimately, Adelfi Group manages the process and does all the leg work and because hotels compensate us directly, there is no cost to our clients for these services.

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